Summer Solstice Summit

Summer Solstice Summit

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Mark your calendars for the Circuitry of Sisterhood’s annual reunion! Whether you are brand new to women’s circles or a long-time participant in our work, we welcome ALL to join us in Athens, Georgia.

The Summer Solstice Summit is when we celebrate the astrological apex of the journey of 2017, together in ceremony + cosmic kinship. Just as one reaches the top of a summit when hiking a mountain, this special retreat is a time to pause, take in the fruit of one’s creative labors, and bask in the wide open view from a higher perspective. There is a different trail from here until the Winter Solstice; we know there is supreme magic in taking a conscious pause to evaluate + elevate our personal creative birthings. You’re invited to join us for some much needed Soul Space in between, time out of time, a precious gateway into all that exists balanced between inhale + exhale. This conscious pause is multiplied exponentially when we come together in sacred circle; the power of sacred community circles is big magic, indeed!*

Our retreat this year is especially poignant, as it is the last time we will be holding on the ground space in beloved Athenstowne, as Baraka is making her new home in New York City. Connect in with the Circuitry in real-time + immerse yourself in ceremony, sacred circle, and the collective energy of kindred spirits. Let us reunite, rejoice in our kinship + honor this beautiful work of birthing ourselves into being!

Our retreat schedule ::

​SAT 9:30am-12noon + 2-4:30pm
SUN 9:30am-12noon

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May every comfort + creative joy find you at the summit of 2017* We hope to see you shining in sacred circle!*