Playing in the Matrix :: NYC :: Spring 2019 TBA.

Playing in the Matrix :: NYC :: Spring 2019 TBA.

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Playing in the Matrix :: How Ritual will Weave the Wisdom of our Ancestors into the Age of the Absurd.

She’s gone by many names: priestess, witch, medicine woman, oracle, healer, lunatic, muse. The feminine archetypes of magic have endured across eras + cultures, against all odds. This legacy is our inheritance. We live in times of great change + great pain; we are among the most privileged people on the planet. We stand poised to address the everyday suffering of this world with the full spectrum of our spiritual + ancestral inheritance. It is time to take our magical practices out of the landscape of self-help + into the current age. We are called to support the emergence of new, functional forms of collaborating with the mystery, anchored in our heritage while fluid enough to drown current systems of oppression. In this retreat, we will explore Archetype as a template for engaging our own unique + specific contribution to neutralizing the forces of destruction on the planet.

This offering is for you if ::

  • You are heartbroken over current affairs + want to channel your grief towards change.
  • You need clear guidance in how to weave your inner + outer worlds.
  • You know it’s high time to acknowledge yourself as a modern mystic, roll your sleeves up, and get to work.
  • You want to recapture the joy + playfulness of ritual building, while taking yourself + the issues of the day seriously.
  • You seek to honor all culture’s spiritual traditions without co-opting or stealing from them. 
  • You just need some sacred space to BE.

For those of you who have attended The Good Witch retreat with Baraka, or are familiar with her therapeutic work with Archetype, you’ll find next-level expansion in this offering. For those new to her work, this is an ideal opportunity to dive in. Whether it’s your first or four hundredth circle, you’ll experience a homecoming unique to Baraka’s offerings. Both poetic + practical, Playing in the Matrix will amplify your upcoming season and dial you into the circuitry of soul.

Please note :: there is limited seating available in this retreat- do not wait to register. Although the language of Baraka’s work is primarily feminine, all genders are welcome. Contact Baraka directly at if you are interested in the single work-study spot available for this offering, or if you would like to make a donation, of money or services, to this event.

Playing in the Matrix is being hosted in a cozy space in South Brooklyn this upcoming Spring. Dates + details TBA.